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Wednesday, April 16th, 2014
12:47 am - Sleep can wait a bit...
I have Dota 2 out of my system for now.
I have little to post on.
Sort of.
I go back to work at the zoo in a few days. It's not my dream job, but it pays and I have a good name there.
I really can't compete with that.
Then in the summer I can see if I can get that field-testing internship.
And tomorrow there is also much to do, but I suppose that is all good. I enjoyed much of my break--I can study the rest of the week and perhaps go so far as to uninstall Dota 2. I shall make a ridiculous breakfast and then follow that up with some reading.
I'm thinking of doing a little picnic thing with Hypatia. I haven't scared her off yet.
I am jubilant.

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Friday, April 4th, 2014
10:52 pm - Life has been Life
Zephyrus has only gotten more wrathful. We've gotten snow, chilling winds and even I have mixed opinions on the dreary weather we've had on average.
I mean, I love dreary weather, but I still feel a bit cheated out of spring.
I suppose I should just enjoy the rain, the winds that I can hear quite audibly out my window and the gray sky. I've generally found such weather to have a profound influence on me. It clears up a headache, gets me to focus on reading and isn't too bad for a casual walk.
Suddenly I feel sad that it was be sixty tomorrow.
I stopped at a career fair today. While there wasn't much for me now, there will be numerous internships popping up in the summer, and more job opportunities.
A basic grunt job like I had last year should be enough for me to hold over. The hunt continues.
I gave blood yesterday. I found myself doing quite a bit of walking afterwards, and I wasn't as hydrated as I could have been. When I had anatomy in ten minutes and I was having trouble snapping to attention, coffee seemed like an answer. I had not had coffee that entire day, much to my shock. Little was accomplished, but then I did sleep through one alarm and take two minutes to wake from another.
Either way, the coffee was a big mistake. I no longer felt sleepy, but I did feel exhausted. I drank very little of it and chucked the stuff.
Class ended early, much to my joy. I went home and slept well, but the effects still carried over. Much of this day I was in a physically miserable state.
Even so, I went to the job fair and did not regret it.
Lessons I have been learning:
Don't be such a dick all the time. I've generally been critical and scathing of people. It's not that to do so is without merit, but sometimes that clouds the vision. I've actually been working on the whole "not being judgmental" thing for a few months now.
It wasn't that it was a New Year's resolution*, but it did tie in around that time. Through proxy of an unseasonably optimistic classmate I found myself talking with a person on the bus that I hated for a good year. She was just so loud. Nobody should be laughing and talking that loud at 6:30 in the morning.
Even so, I've come to recognize that it shouldn't freaking matter.
(Just to be clear, I still want to drop kick people who pop their gum.)
She was enjoyable enough company, I must profess. Her friends brought up things such as plush turkeys used as stress balls and malfunctioning technology/teens.

And as I notice the stacks of books:
All in all, my productivity has increased. The weather is still better now than before and classes have been going fairly well. I finished a paper earlier this week and it left the rest of the day mostly open. Suddenly the invisible stress that had been whittling at me was largely gone.
Psychology was finally interesting. We got into the unit on sex, gender and development. Seriously, it's good to finally have a lesson where you don't largely know most of what is being taught before you open the book. Ironically, much of the class was AWOL. It really was a shame. Given how Intersex is a book I found to be quite interesting, I have always found gender identity and that sort of stuff to be fun to read about.
According to a quick quiz, I am almost perfectly androgynous. Where -20 on the scale is feminine and +20 is masculine, I score a 1.
It doesn't mean much to me, but then I did find myself checking the "some of the time" category on just about everything.
On a more current note:
I don't feel too sleepy, even if my eyes feel graced with crow's feet and that music fuzzily playing in my head thing is going on.
Yes, sleep will come.
But until then, I suppose some reading can get done.

1. Getting the courage to ask Hypatia out was the New Year's resolution.

current mood: spent, but all in all quite happy

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Monday, March 31st, 2014
11:07 pm - Not Feeling Inspired
There are little conversations and songs playing in my head. It's like, there's music in my head, but show quotes, conversations... It's all just a blur.
I need to go to bed.
But first I must post.
I was not extremely lazy, but I must manage my time better. I did some things today for school just to free me from doing them on Tuesday. While I still have quite a lot to do, I am a little calmer now.
I have a paper due on Wednesday, which isn't too hard and I have done a good amount of reading for. It's an easy enough paper and it helps that I get 50% just for showing up at a little project thing. I don't know what to call it. It was four students and a Safety Officer showing us his lack of planning on an MSDS app for which he really didn't teach us anything about.
It was similar enough to doing a half-assed requisition, but with mortuary supplies, some of which seemed awfully familiar to the back of some boxes of junk food.
I fixed up my bike, though some fine tuning is very much in order. The ride to my friend's was inefficient enough. It was good to see Hypatia, though it bothers me how I can still be as shy around her as I am. We should hopefully be able to spend some time together this week.
I lack a certain finesse. Finesse is a synonym for shutting up and remaining fairly quiet, making reasonable eye contact and paying heed to various social situations.
I suppose it's all going slowly. We're dating, but even with the surprise peck she gave me recently I find myself unable to really talk to her as I might were we dating. Sure I talk a lot, but I soon find myself abhorring myself for how utterly stupid I am.
I also need to update my resume already. I have my license for pesticide application. I have jobs to apply to.
I want to work, I want to leave the house, I want to be a valuable little cog.
Not useless!
I should sleep now. I have nonetheless a lot to do. Bits of Jenny's voice are running in my head, but the ringing seems a bit more important, creating some gibberish I suppose. Then again, she likes languages and her lexicon is rather vast, so a lot of things kind of go over my head.
Of course, I'm usually a bit out of it anyway.

current mood: time to sleep

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Saturday, March 22nd, 2014
12:15 am - My dreams have been vivid...
This is not to say that they have been exciting--I just have vivid dreams.
I took a three hour nap when I came home from school today. In that dream I ended up getting um... yes, a hernia*. I kind of went about my schedule until I could fit in a trip to the emergency room. Mind you, I went so far as to attend class and look at stentorians* and diatoms. The diatoms were beautiful, to the point at which they could be nothing other than diatoms. (Aquatic biology has been on my mind lately.)
I went to the Cheesecake Factory with my dad.
I also wandered about the school grounds/farmland for a half-hour or so before the bus would appear. I mostly chuckled and talked to myself.
Keep in mind, it wasn't so much a conversation as it was, "Oh look, grass. And birds! The weather totally doesn't suck today!
I biked for all of two days. A bald tire set me up for an easy flat. I couldn't even be angry, as I was both tired out and accepting that such is the cost of riding on a compromised tire on a highway.
I've found myself caught up with school. My reading on wastewater treatment may have to wait a bit.
I've been craving another filk night.
Also, I'll be seeing Hypatia tomorrow. I find myself holding my tongue on some awfully corny things. It's not like I'm trying to think up smooth lines so much as I'm a bit too sappy.
...I think.
But what if I seem distant?
You see, Hypatia at least is sane.
There's a lot that gone on these past couple weeks.
I've been holding on, but I also don't know how.
The floating period is there by some accident, but it looks nice. I will not delete it.


1. I waited for a friend to remind me of that word. I'm not quite in it right now.
2. protozoa

current mood: Not foggy brained, but not entirely myself.

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Thursday, March 13th, 2014
3:20 pm
Every Thursday I wake a little later in the day. There's stuff I could get done, but it's a mode of recoup.
I woke at 11 and did not eat until 12:30 or so.
Mind you, I put a little more work into my breakfast; yellow rice, refried beans, eggs and lots of cheese.
I plan on really kicking it into overdrive this weekend.
I will bomb this practice test today, as it kind of left my mind completely. Anyway, I've a test tomorrow. Bloody diarrhea is a popular subject on it.
I am also biking tomorrow.
I'll be seeing Hypatia tomorrow. I tend to start missing her right away. It's a shock I can't climb windows.
I hope to read a little more tomorrow and get started on that ocarina. With any luck I could maybe have something for filk.
While looking at the job board yesterday at school, a teacher introduced me to some people in charge of the horticulture program, as well as a man in charge of his own landscaping company.
He outright gave me his card!
Tomorrow it will warm up again.
I will be biking.

current mood: optimistic

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Sunday, March 9th, 2014
11:52 pm - I guess the worst is more or less over.
School has calmed a bit, but I still have a lot to read.
There are still a lot of chores to do and places to apply to.
The cold is gone, I've gotten back into jogging and swimming, and I can more or less focus still.
Hypatia is busy, the money resources are still somewhat dry and I may or may not have checked out a few too many books.
Still, life is good.
I accidentally burned away too many hours playing Dawn of War.
So tomorrow I shall have a lot to do.

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Saturday, March 8th, 2014
4:28 am - That was a good nap...
I realized today how much it can hurt to be a numismatist* who finds himself unemployed. Always weighing on me is that next credit card bill. It's not much, but when you pay for a coffee in dimes, it certainly is too much.
The local game store had(has?) a D&D book for $5. Normally "Plot and Poison"* is another $40 book. Given how I turned down something like this in the past, you can bet it makes me anxious.
But I need money set aside for important things, especially when I had to opt out of buying someone a [cheap] birthday gift.
Responsibility and morals can be a tough thing to live with, I suppose.
Of course, there's the issue of not being able to ever take care of money in occasions when I would need to. THAT'S the problem. Also, I'd love to make Hypatia a rather grand meal.
($30 to make a meal isn't too expensive when you have a job.)
I should sleep a little more.
Long story short, homework tends to be a weakpoint of mine.

1. I had to spellcheck on that one.
2. An excellent supplemental book on the dark elves

current mood: okay

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Saturday, March 1st, 2014
2:55 pm - All in all, life is good.
I mean, whatever variant of the cold I have, it's been giving me shit for a while. I got it on Wednesday night and then I just got worse from there. It is the sort of cold to make your joints stiffen and your muscles contract.
At least my ears are no longer plugged up.
I have a couple of tests this week, though I will admit that I've been surprisingly focused the past few days. I was able to work through sleep deprivation and sickness, as my mind was for once held together.
Today has been off to a slow start. Nothing has been accomplished in terms of schoolwork and I've been eating some junk food. I know it's not good for me, but I don't have it in me to make anything real.
I just need some convenience foods.
Granted, now I've got a little more of that subtle dizziness going on.
The past couple weeks have been interesting, but this is not one of my best days. This seems a good place to end.

current mood: sick

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Friday, February 21st, 2014
6:48 pm - Rambling Thoughts
You assert your godhood this day.
I normally praise you, but today I sat down in a parking structure as I had a good 20 minutes before my bus would come.
I missed my original schedule by mere seconds as I shuffled towards the first bus I needed to catch, as it so cruelly passed me today.
The sidewalks and streets knew thick layers of ice, as Wisconsin has been awfully chaotic. The last few days were warm--as warm as 40 F--but when paired with the rain yesterday, left much slush and many puddles to freeze over.
It's not that it was cold enough to make life necessarily unpleasant, but 30 mph winds come with teeth... cold teeth.
To make matters worse, I was hauling quite a bit of weight in books due to A&P the day before and books that needed transporting today. Still, I'm home and I'm staying indoors.
When Hypatia asked me out, I immediately responded with a "yes" that I had to keep under control. My emotions for her only increased as I had shown every bit of reluctance to come clean about my feelings.
Even then, I realized perhaps I shouldn't scare her off by showing too much joy, even if my idiotic smiles and occasional giggles might give that away.
I broke the oldest rule in the bro code. I had utterly dismissed that a friend of mine would be up for a night of Magic the Gathering with some friends.
It's bittersweet, but how can I say no to Hypatia.
Tomorrow, I shall cook for her and she shall bake. This arrangement is so perfect.
I've joked in the past, "I need to marry a baker. I can cook just fine, but I'm not the best at baking. I need to find someone to balance that out".
I do believe I have.

current mood: kept awake through coffee

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Friday, February 14th, 2014
11:08 pm - How shall I sum stuff up?
I am disorganized. I arrived at school but left my homework at home. I was in a rush that morning after sleeping in, but it's a little difficult to blame me. Waking up before five is not for weak people.
The result was that all I had time to eat was a ridiculous amount of bran cereal, which understandably gave me some inconveniences. Even so, I finished the test early and was out of school within the hour.
I had a productive day!
A while back...
You see, I had asked Hypatia (given that Friday's are often on the busy side for her) if she wanted to change the date...of the date. I misunderstood her saying she was unavailable for the surrounding days as her being busy all around. Earlier this week--going about quite busy with school, errands and other miscellaneous things--a brief talk clarified that we were still going out.
It was wonderful.
The feeling is mutual.
We ate at a particularly awesome restaurant that offered some awesome food, saw The Lego Movie and then we later watched Hercules.
That show is both awesome and bad.
The badness tends to be awesome as well.
And while I've hugged her before, it was absolutely awesome to hold on for a few seconds more.
My life is awesome.

current mood: exhuberant

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Tuesday, February 11th, 2014
11:13 pm - A day has passed and perhaps four hours of sleep?
My nerves are a little calmer, my Obsession.
I worry, but at some point you brought up to our mutual friend that I asked you out. Not much info is on that conversation, other than the congrats that was forwarded by him.
You brought it up so casually, so it seems.
I do remember that I wanted to make myself a bit more worthy of you. That was before my classes popped up and my mind was so slightly frayed.
Now I remember there was hope.
Are you of a serious demeanor at times? Yes. Am I a person of foolish actions and words? Duh.
Are you really so serious? No, you're just more mature than I.
Is that even a surprise?
I shall gift you with the tea you need to supply you with some mode of survival and the truest and kindest words I can write, for my words tend to stumble. Broca, Broca, Broca. *shakes head* Are my speech centers really where they are supposed to be? Are they just pieced together from spots here and there in that bundle of steel wool and broken cell phones?

current mood: happy (and tired)

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Monday, February 10th, 2014
10:49 pm - I'm breaking said post into sections here:
A&P2 is terrifying right off the bat. I will be going through my fair share of caffeine tomorrow.

I'd hate to sound fickle but already there are doubts. It was practically overnight, really.
Do I find her to be a remarkable person? Yes. Am I put off by what I can't help but perceive as disinterest? Yes. Can you blame me? That was more rhetorical.
She is of a more serious nature, in all truth. She keeps some fairly high standards for humanity as a whole... I don't really know how to explain it, but she's got quite the internal encyclopedia and makes the assumption that everyone else should as well. Maybe I'm misjudging her. Of course, I now know how some people have felt about me as I go on prattling about books or useless stuff, totally unaware that nobody knows what the hell I am talking about. We share some things in common, you see?
Her serious nature... we've all made some faux paws. I profess that sometimes people need to be reminded something is offensive to really get it. I am no different.
A joke or action can piss off a room full of people, but it will go over your head until realize "oh, "that was culturally insensitive" or "so-and-so was abused as a child". By "realize", I mean get an evil glare or become ostracized. I run my mouth a lot, so I've experience with how to humble myself before someone. Still, feeling sorry doesn't always exempt you from one offense or another. I learned this in Mexico; I learned this at home.
She dissects books and movies with a blink, leaving me a little reluctant to say I like this or that. This and that is insulting to him or her or them. I have some crass tastes and black humour. Granted, I don't poke fun at refugees and support slavery aside from buying chocolate and coffee.
Of course, she's not perfect in the respect of consumerism, but even Alterra got bought out by Nestle. For reasons like that I would love to grow my own coffee.
Oh, right. Hypatia.
I'm at a loss, really. She's neat, receptive and fond of forgoing jogging or claiming that "such-and-such" is unsafe; I am disorganized, distracted and I thrive off a little extra discomfort.
She's a remarkable woman, but perhaps we're not suited for each other. In addition, there's that certain amount of toxicity about me. Some become jaded whereas I am all too familiar with obsessing over a giver of lukewarm responses.
Doubt exists, but it would be foolish just to give up. I may be mistaken. If I am mentally pleading that she see past the oddity that is me, why not get to know her better as well?

Thinking about it, I make a fairly decent DM. I'm a heavy role-playing enthusiast, so my NPC's have a fairly good tendency of being well-received. Lame jokes do not necessarily abound, but they occur commonly enough. Strangely enough, I have yet to make an extensive quest a part of a horrible pun. I'd prefer it to be a rather livable experience, in depth and enjoyable.
I think I pull that off, even if I am scatter-brained, bad at keeping to a schedule and not too unfamiliar with losing track of the rules. Of course, the rules are not always so easy to keep track of. ;)
I bought some new music on itunes using a gift-card. I now have some obscure, but not unknown music in my arsenal. Hence The Dø being on my "Music" descriptor.

current mood: talkative

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Sunday, February 9th, 2014
10:30 pm - Coffee is Great
The kitchen is restocked. There is coffee again, which allows me to improve general functions.
There was a fun little game of nerf wars today. I missed the bus so I just ended up walking, which really didn't feel like much of a time difference to be all honest. The walk back was sweet as well. I'm left a bit sore. I miss that feeling.
I was an hour late but still it was good to run about thwacking at people with foam weapons. It was also good to see Hypatia.
I asked her WHEN we might actually be able to hang out alone, but she brought up work and school. I understand a Master's degree is hell so I see no reason to push, but I can't help but wonder if she's just not that interested--or reluctant at best.
Well there's no reason to give up till I'm outright rejected, right?
I need to learn to talk around her. I still have trouble speaking or putting any words with meaning out.
Just small talk and my usual prattle.

In less obnoxious news I am trying to wean myself off of two spaces following a sentence.

current mood: dull

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Friday, February 7th, 2014
11:12 pm - Gotta get used to the schedule...
I was in a remarkably sour mood. Of course, the span of time in which I went without caffeine added to that.
While I'm procrastinating still, I've since returned one book, which I shall also return. Sorry Hypatia, but I just cannot get into Joseph Campbell.
I am also trying to wean myself off of adding two spaces after a sentence.
Television is rapidly losing appeal. I will watch a show--maybe two--and then feel like a waste of biomass. This is good as it allows me to slowly be more useful a citizen. With the given video games at my disposal, overdoing playing them is not as common.
Homework is easy enough, but much of my days will be lost.
I have an event I am going to tomorrow--a little nerf war. Honestly though, this weather has killed a lot of inherent happiness. When hitting twenty is a generally rare occurrence, it is hard to be happy about riding public transit. I am eager for early spring, where I can jog in forty degree weather. The snow may still be present in spots, but Root River will flow stronger than ever. It is a beautiful place for some introspection. There are fallen trees to crawl over as bridges and a surprising amount of fauna emerge in what otherwise looks rather barren.
I'd love to bike.
I lost two Korean yu-gi-oh cards which I was using as bookmarks for the books I returned. Again, another sorry towards Hypatia.
I've lost quite a good deal of things this year.
There's also a story I'd love to write. It's based on a dream I had where I had amnesia of the past day and there was a rumor going around about how I had committed cannabalism. Now Wisconsin has a certain thing with cannibalizing people in the racial consciousness of its people.
As a result, I had a modern day mob tracking me, as I was spotted downtown. All the time I was worrying, did I really do it?
Needless to say I found that to be an excessively weird dream.
I've also my homework to do on various pests as well as a report on a botulism outbreak in prison. It's interesting, as there were two batches of hooch these prisoners made. Un/fortunately, a prisoner held on to an old baked potato for a few weeks before throwing it into one of the batches. The result was an easy experiment done with a control and an experimental factor to make the study so darn easy to run.
I've also that cardiovascular thing to do tomorrow.
Honestly... I'm a little excited.

current mood: okay

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Wednesday, February 5th, 2014
10:52 pm - Sleep will be a most loving thing.
Clearly I do not know where my potential lies. I had my anatomy teacher last semester calling me an "untapped genius" and a brief talk with my Food and Dairy Sanitation teacher yielded a somewhat similar remark. Not genius level, but he was suggesting that I am smart--I just need to find out what I love and what like to get a career in. And for once in my life a person suggested my culinary experience is a good thing! My Serv-Safe license makes it so that my current class is an easy one. On top of that, having experience in restaurants makes it so that I am actually desirable in the health services. Having my experience with food preparation and cleaning makes it so that I can actually understand what it's like to work in the service industry.
It's not easy--as corners are frequently cut--much to my dismay. I could perhaps actually gain some respect, rather than simply being hated. It would make it easier to work with those I'm supposed to steer down the right path.
Hypatia is busy with school and work, so this week has been a difficult one for meeting up with her. She really is quite busy, but me being who I am, I tend to get panicky in these situations. I go quiet sometimes. I've since learned that shyness just doesn't go away. It follows and pops up at the most unusual times. Of course, I'd prefer not to be too poetic, but the mutism usually takes care of that. So much would I like to actually express it.
She seems quite flattered regardless.
Also, I'm thinking of maybe getting two birds with one stone and getting tea-flowers for her, as she likes tea and she likes flowers. I've been unable to get move around what little money I have, so the little jarred displays may not be possible, as they're by order and Valentines Day is coming up.
Of course, there's also Anime Milwaukee. I'm not one for anime--I stand resolutely by the statement that it sucks as a whole. This does not imply not all anime is bad. On the contrary, I love quite a few animes out there, but given the shit that some people obsess over? I mean, I kind of obsess over actual shit*, but that's still better than anyone who wastes what precious few minutes we have with this mortal coil watching Dragonball Z.
But I digress.
Hypatia seems interested.*
Anyway, I'd still be up for joining her to that. There is a character from an online-born anime that I like. That was an ambiguous sentence. The anime is pretty fun and short so as to not make itself out to be anything other than Katamari-color schemes and an obsession with double jumping and warhammers that are also rocket launchers.
Anyway, there's a character I like who gains superhuman speed through the power of coffee. He's just a professor that appears in one episode, but he's cool, alright.
We also learned about glove materials in class today.
And looked at gas masks.

1. Given the whole Wastewater Treatment thing....
2. She has taste, given all the other things she likes.

current mood: mellow

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Wednesday, January 29th, 2014
10:18 pm - Calm, but it belies my now existing optimism*.
"I guess we could hang out on Valentine's Day, but where could we go without people thinking we're going as a couple? unless that's what you were talking about..."
"Well, I wouldn't complain..."
And hence the origin of my optimism. She expressed a certain inclination towards being single but also an openness to try.
That fedora of mine became a useful focus for my nervous hands and certain responses I made associated with a certain sheepish expression.
The agitated and terrified state followed me up until we were talking. My strides run over to where were the terror was soon to subside. I met up with her and my fear and foreboding energies in my solar plexus soon ended, the moment I managed to blurt that question out. That sentence feels like a run-on. Whatever, I was out of the house for over 12 hours.
Monday can't come soon enough.
I suddenly came upon the idea, Hypatia is not a terrible pseudonym for her.

1. Perhaps I suck at titles, but blogging offers many artistic and grammatical licenses. I'd be content just to get the one on Pesticide Application.

current mood: wonderful

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Tuesday, January 28th, 2014
12:00 am - Blogging for the Sake of Blogging
My dad really exaggerated the snow in front. It looked a little bad, but it scooped better than the walkway that got snowed on.
No school tomorrow: huzzah!
I've some degree of optimism in regards to my obsession. Nothing happened to make me feel negative. The next jogging meet will be at my house, where the paths are exciting. The weather will let up a little and I am considering making zucchini bread for sandwiches. It will taste fairly rich, given how healthy I could nonetheless make it.
I still feel like expressing my rather romantic thoughts to her in words, though whether or not either of us will be able to meet up come Wednesday is up in the air.
Needless to say, I won't be the most focused in class, but I will try.
I've also quite a few new Magic decks that I am working on. These are promising, though I could stand to use a few more sleeves. I may actually go for two cheesy decks, in addition to my second wall deck.
We watched Rome and looked at bunnies. Oh, my friend has quite the menagerie. Rome was a rather graphic show, but nonetheless good. We also watched... I think it was called Overboard.
I can understand why a lot of people aren't fans of it. It's got a sort of love-hate audience. I could respect its merits though I wasn't necessarily jumping up for joy about it.

My thoughts are starting to wane. I do believe I will end the post he--

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Monday, January 27th, 2014
12:43 pm - Mostly procrastination on leaving the house...
I profess, I was lazy over the weekend and my lack of exercise resulted in a knee that was fairly locked up.
The Hero with a Thousand Faces may take a while. I get into it, but the moment I put it down I forget I have it.
It's cold today, so school ends early; and tomorrow with the -40 windchill I find that my Tuesday classes are cancelled.
At least I can study then.
I meet up with the jogging group today, and I hope that I somehow get the chance to open up to my obsession on Wednesday.
I'd love to do so today, but it's cold out. I will feel compelled to leave early, but naturally nobody (including myself will want to go back outside). I mean, I go over this in my head quite often, but the end result is me being met with expressions of horror, outright anger or disgust.
I apparently will have to chip ice. The plow not only threw slush and snow onto the approach, but apparently it froze pretty hard.
I want to bring over food as well--cook something up--but the pantry is a little lacking for making much. I promised food.
I rather wish they'd stop here for once.
Wait, no. This house is a shit-hole.
It's dirty.
My room is starting to degrade into messy status again.
I just want to see her. This cold is rather inhibitory.

current mood: I run NY ~The Lonely Island

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Friday, January 24th, 2014
1:48 pm - In need of a second copy of Venus in Furs.
I really don't put much of a time limit on books based on a certain degree of principle alone (I've got three Lovecraft books lent out, one of which I am not likely to see ever again*).
Every so often I have the urge to read that little novella by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. It's just got something to it. I obviously relate to Severin, but to perhaps less a degree than others might.
I got to borrow the car today. I was overjoyed, as school was not cancelled and I still made it. It's not that it was particularly unbearable, but the early time at which I would leave the house would have me waiting for the bus in -0 temperatures. I'll be a little peeved if MATC is closed on Monday. What's the point if I don't even have class on Mondays. As one might imagine, I can relate to Garfield, but to perhaps less a degree than others might.
I'm thinking of making mole chicken in the near future. I will win you over with my cooking, my sweet!
I will also have time to read. I hope to get stuff done. I will be realistic, but nonetheless set my goals and hopefully make them.
The harmonica can wait until tomorrow. I need to eat now, and eat a lot.

1. I saved the artsy dust jacket, so I'm not as saddened by its loss as I might otherwise be.

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Thursday, January 23rd, 2014
9:56 pm - If I want to check out some decent and modern books on mitochondria I have to buy them...
I will also need a four-figure salary.
I signed up for a site that works through the school and sends out notifications on jobs and internships.
Also, mosquitoes are fascinating*.
I am quite sleepy which is a good thing so far as I'm concerned. I have class earlier in the morning on Friday's. The upside is I would be able to feasibly work a job on said days, as I am done by 10. Granted, the idea of leaving the house is not something I look forward to. Yesterday I think the temperature got in the low teens.
It felt great.
Today was a bit different. I figured if I've got any reason to be in the area tomorrow-- I heard how bad it's going to get tomorrow. We're having another cold spell.
I think I'll skip school should it not be cancelled.
I hope she doesn't have to be at school herself.
I mean, apparently she will be quite busy, but we found ourselves talking on the phone for a bit. My talkativeness and short-term memory issues and her lack of excitement with her homework resulted in an amusing enough conversation.
Perhaps I can talk to her another day.
I'm also going to assume the homework was juggling knives while translating Democritus into German...
It's a *slight hyperbole, but she is quite brilliant to say the least.
I do believe I shall assign her a pseudonym on livejournal. The overreliance on pronouns is getting a little annoying.
I loath the idea of skipping school either way.
As my arrangement of sentences continues to transmutate I can't help but think that sleeping will come easy.

1. New reading material.
2. ATTENTION: Oxymoron ahead.

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